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^Y'lonn Hair & Lash Studio is fully committed to providing our clients with quality services in a skilled manner and a pleasant atmosphere.  Unique to Y'lonn Hair & Lash Studio are two distinctive features which are expertise and knowledge that is enhanced by professionalism. We recognize that there are many salon choices, therefore our main goal is to strive to acquire and maintain our clients by establishing a trusting and respectful relationship.

Our services include consulting with our clients to better understand their individual needs and educating them on how we plan to achieve their expected results.  Most importantly, we listen to our clients concerns in effort to establish a trustworthy relationship and we give our suggestions as needed.

At Y'lonn Hair & Lash Studio, we recognize it is of an extraordinary value to be granted the priviledge to provide haircare and eyelash extension services to those that choose us.  We are committed to giving our patrons our utmost respect, quality service and above all a satisfying experience.

Thank you in advance, for choosing us. We look forward to providing your service !

Xtreme Lashes
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When properly applied Xtreme Lashes last up to two months with fill ins done every 2-4 weeks and minimal aftercare maintenance. They are resistant to water, sweat and tears. You may swim, shower and exercise worry free ! The application is pain free and will NOT harm your eyelids or natural lashes. The service consisits of individually applying one Xtreme Lash Extension to one of your natural eyelashes (not the eyelid) using an adhesive that is very similar to the adhesives used by plastic surgeons. The procedure takes approximately an hour and a half (or less).  A natural eyelash typically sheds every 60-90 days and is replaced with the growth of a new lash. At any given moment, each of your natural eyelashes is at a different stage of its life cycle therefore, fill ins will replace the lashes that have completed their life cycle. Fill ins generally take a shorter time than the initial application of a full set. The cost for fill ins is dependent upon the time required for the fill in as well as the number of lashes that need to be fill in. The cost for a full set on your initial visit is $350.00 and fills in range from $85.00 and up.  Pleas note that the timeframe and the cost for a fill in may vary dependent upon how many lashes need to be filled in. More than 40 lashes per eye being filled in may be considered a full set.  Wake up to longer, thicker beautiful lashes everyday !!!  Enjoy the benefits of Xtreme Lashes with little or no need to adjust your lifestyle. Perfect for special occasions or simply for day to day wear you will love your new vibrant, long and luscious lashes. Join me and the list of Hollywood celebrities in enjoying the benefits of Xtreme Lashes !!!!


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Shampoo Blowdry                                              Texturizer

Shampoo Rollerset                                          Virgin Relaxer                                                      

Shampoo Rod                                              Relaxer Touch Up

Special Occasion Updo                                         Edge Up

Twist Set

Haircut / Shaping                                            


Dry Scalp Treatment                                     

Protein Treatment

Moisturizing Treatment




Semi Permanent                                      Consultation Required  

Demi Permanent

Permanent Single Process

Permanent Double Process

Color Touch Up

Highlights (Half)

Highlights (Full)


Full Set

Fill in


Flirty Girl -    (outside corners only)

Glamour Girl  -  (fullest / longest length that your natural lash can support)

Tease  -   (an introduction to a full set)

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Tips - Hair & Lashes
Tips on Hair & Lashes maintenance...



1.  Sleep with a silk or satin scarf , silk or satin sleep cap or a silk or satin pillow case. This will help  avoid breakage caused by rubbing your hair against a cotton pillow case. It also avoids the  moisture being wicked out of your  hair into your cotton pillow case.
2.  When shampooing at home:

- Comb your hair out while you are conditioning it to remove the tangles while it is wet and relatively slick.

- Always use a leave-in conditioner after washing your hair.

3.  Always use as little heat from flat iron or curling iron as possible. Excessive heat especially on chemically treated hair is very damaging to your hair.
4.  Water is your friend so drink plenty of it ! Water hydrates your whole body inside and out.
5.  If you prefer to wear your hair natural, find a style that works best with your natural hair type and growth pattern. The less you work against your hair, the less stressed your hair will be.


1. The aftercare maintenance within the first 24 hours after having your Xtreme Lash Extensions applied is crucial for achieving a strong secure bond. Be gentle with your extensions.
2. Avoid using oil based products in the  facial area of your extensions because oil based products can cause the adhesive to deteriorate.
3. Although mascara is not required, you may use it however, waterproof mascara is not recommended.
4. Xtreme Protective Coating (sold by your Lash Stylist) is recommended to enhance the strength of your lash extensions.
5. The Protective Coating creates an even stronger bond to your natural lashes which results in a longer interval between filli ins. This product is also highly recommended for clients with oily skin.


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